Recent Calls
Thu. Jan 25th 2018
At 2318 hours Perth units were dispatched to a one car MVA on Sacandaga Rd. Perth Chief 12-5-2 and Engine 12-1-1 arrived to find the vehicle had collided into a telephone pole. Gavac on scene to compl...
Thu. Jan 25th 2018
At 0347 hours Perth was requested to stand-by in our station while Hagaman Fire Department was out on a mutual aid structure fire on Truax Rd in Cranesville district. Units relieved from stand-by at 0...
Mon. Jan 22nd 2018
Dispatched at 2000 hours to State Highway 30 for a repair shop that had a vehicle on a lift that started on fire while repairing it. Perth Chiefs12-5-1, 12-5-2, 12-5-3, engine 12-1-1 and 12-1-2 arrive...
Thu. Jan 11th 2018
Dispatched at 0132 hours with Gavac for a 1 vehicle MVA roll over with 3 passengers trapped inside. Perth Chief 12-5-1 arrived to find the truck on its side with 1 passenger inside still, unable to cl...
Fri. Jan 5th 2018
Dispatched with Gavac for a 1 car MVA, vehicle in the ditch. Perth Chief 12-5-1 arrived on scene to find the vehicle off the road, no injuries reported, FCSO on scene. Per Deputy, units cleared and P...
Memory Tree Program


 The members at the Perth Volunteer Fire Company Inc. would like to thank each and everyone of you who have donated to our Memory Tree. This event has been very successful over the many years it has been in existence because of our community. We would also like to pay special thanks to the many letters of encouragement we have received from the Town of Perth residents for the job we due and for wishing our members good health. Whoever said this was a thankless job has proven to be wrong! God bless and Merry Christmas from our family to yours.
Donate to the Memory Tree  -  2019 Memory Tree (soon to be updated)
 2017 Perth Volunteer Fire Company "Memory Tree" Program 
 (updated through November 22, 2017) 
 In Memory of:Given By:
 Alexander, Herbert B.Susan & Richard Alexander
 Auricchio, PatMichael & Michele Auricchio
 Auricchio, RichardMichael & Michele Auricchio
 Auricchio, TheresaMichael & Michele Auricchio
 Babala, BogdanRoman & Mary Semczuk
 Babala, ParaskevaRoman & Mary Semczuk
 Babala, RomanRoman & Mary Semczuk
 Banta, LewisGay & Chad Lewandowski
 Banta, WinifredGay & Chad Lewandowski
 Barkevich, CarolineJoan & Norman Knapik
 Becker, CharlieDick Stack & Nancy Krawczeski
 Becker, MarilynDick Stack & Nancy Krawczeski
 Bidanset, AnnaAnne Frasier
 Bieniek Sr., BernardRachel, William & Ethan Waufle
 Belfance, Mr.David Belfance
 Belfance, Mrs.David Belfance
 Benton, DonaldMarlene & John Sherdon
 Bilins, Stephen V.Barbara Bilins
 Bishop, BettyMike & Mary Coco
 Bishop, FrancisDiane Wood
 Bishop, FrancisMike & Mary Coco
 Bishop, Leonard "Pat"Diane Wood
 Bishop, Leonard "Pat"Mike & Mary Coco
 Blatchford, MargaretCarol Dybas
 Blatchford, JohnCarol Dybas
 Boccio, CeciliaDeb Giardino & Pat Boccio
 Boccio, NicholasDeb Giardino & Pat Boccio
 Bovee, Edward F.Carolyn Bovee
 Bowers, ElizabethPeter C. Betz
 Bowers, WilliamPeter C. Betz
 Bowler, JohnWilliam & Jane Bowler
 Bowler, MillieWilliam & Jane Bowler
 Brady, EllenMary & Gary Doviak
 Brady, MichaelMary & Gary Doviak
 Bryant Sr., Roland F.Joan F. Bryant
 Bryant, Mr. Roland G.Joan F. Bryant
 Bryant, Mrs. Roland G.Joan F. Bryant
 Bucciferro, Biagio J.Mario & Jean Simeone
 Buchanan, BettyDiane Wood
 Buchanan, BettyRoy
 Bursese, CarlyLarry & Kathy Bursese
 Bursese, MatisseLarry & Kathy Bursese
 Cahill, JosephineViolet Stoddard
 Capel Jr., PeterLarry & Kathleen Zanella
 Carney, LillianMary Lou & Jim Carney
 Carney, Martin LeoMary Lou & Jim Carney
 Cerra, AntoniettaMaria & Carm Greco
 Cerra, VincentMaria & Carm Greco
 Cetnar, CassieMary Lou Coughlin
 Chestnut, PhillipDavid & Rebecca Dopp
 Chestnut, PhillipPatrick & Kathleen Chestnut
 Coco, KaylaMike & Mary Coco
 Corey, DorothyPeter, Brenda & Todd Corey
 Corey, KathrynPeter, Brenda & Todd Corey
 Corey, RoyPeter, Brenda & Todd Corey
 Coughlin, BetteTom & Mary Lou Coughlin
 Coughlin, BobTom & Mary Lou Coughlin
 Coughlin, DonTom & Mary Lou Coughlin
 Coughlin, JackTom & Mary Lou Coughlin
 Coughlin, JohnTom & Mary Lou Coughlin
 Coughlin, LoisTom & Mary Lou Coughlin
 Coughlin, LouiseTom & Mary Lou Coughlin
 Coughlin, Timothy PatrickMary Lou & Tom Coughlin
 Craig, SeanAnonymous
 Cutrufello, MinnieRichard & Ellie Mack
 Czelusniak, JuneMary Lou Coughlin
 DaBiere, JeffDolores & Marshall Leggiero
 Dake, Mildred (Mickey)Joseph A. & Barbara J. Rocca
 Decker, BlancheTheresa & Bob Pawlak
 DeNovio FamilyAnn M. Morck
 DonationKenneth England
 DonationMaster Refrigeration Inc.
 DonationDiane & John Strauss
 DonationBenjamin Bakuzonis
 DonationNicholas Lynch
 DonationTop Notch Tavern
 DonationBarbara Q. Kuhn
 DonationLawrence E. Jordan
 DonationDiane & Michael Rozdolski
 DonationWilfred & Ileen Marks Sr.
 DonationJay & Bonita Waylett
 DonationEdward Vitus
 DonationJeanne & Michael Francisco
 Donation Tracy Hojohn & Anthony D'Addio
 DonationPeter & Linda Wassel
 DonationBarbara & Gerald Faulds
 DonationJoseph & Jeanne Pitkin
 DonationBarbara & Robert Borkowski
 DonationLoesje & Timothy Downes
 Dopp, DanielJoseph & Michael Kowalczyk
 Dopp, DanielPat, Gary Weaver & family
 Dopp, Daniel JohnDavid & Rebecca Dopp
 Dopp, Daniel JohnPatrick & Kathleen Chestnut
 Dopp, DorisDavid & Rebecca Dopp
 Dopp, DorisPatrick & Kathleen Chestnut
 Dopp, FrankDavid & Rebecca Dopp
 Dopp, FrankPatrick & Kathleen Chestnut
 Dopp Sr., MelvynJames & Joanne Kretser
 Dopp, WashingtonJames & Joanne Kretser
 Duesler, LizWilliam Duesler
 Ellis Jr., LyndonAnonymous
 Emanuele, JosephJoe & Shirley Emanuele
 Emanuele, MaryJoe & Shirley Emanuele
 English, AnnieAnonymous
 English, SamuelAnonymous
 Evans Sr., RonaldLori Johnson
 Fagan, JenniferAnonymous
 Fagan, KateAnonymous
 Fagan, KrisAnonymous
 Fagan, MaryAnonymous
 Ferlazzo, JennyAngelo & Shirley Ferlazzo
 Ferlazzo, ThomasAngelo & Shirley Ferlazzo
 Ferlazzo Brothers - Joseph, Tony, TommyAngelo & Shirley Ferlazzo
 Ferlazzo Sister - FrancesAngelo & Shirley Ferlazzo
 Fiore, LillianGloria & Larry Yevoli
 Fiore, RalphGloria & Larry Yevoli
 Fiorillo, Mr. Aurelio (Bill)Kathy & Bob Spraker
 Fiorillo, Mrs. Aurelio (Bill)Kathy & Bob Spraker
 Fiorillo, Vinny Kathy & Bob Spraker
 Flansburg, HaroldMary Ellen Flansburg
 Frasier, Daniel C.Anne Frasier
 Frasier, Donald P.Anne Frasier
 Gavrilcik, WalterJoan Gavrilcik
 Greco, NancyMaria & Carm Greco
 Greco, VitoMaria & Carm Greco
 Grybos Sr., BobHelen Grybos
 Guisti, Alison K.Mary Lou Coughlin
 Hanna, Mr. SamJack Hanna
 Hanna, Mrs. SamJack Hanna
 Harris, NancyAnonymous
 Harris, NancyMr. & Mrs. Robert Smith
 Harris, RichardMr. & Mrs. Robert Smith
 Harris Sr., RichardAnonymous
 Hart, MaryRaymond & Shirley Reksc
 Hart, PatriciaRaymond & Shirley Reksc
 Hart, WilliamRaymond & Shirley Reksc
 Hartz, CamillaAnonymous
 Hartz, ElmerAnonymous
 Hartz, MagdalenaAnonymous
 Hemstreet, KatherineJohn, Sally Hemstreet & family
 Hettinger, WilliamAnonymous
 Holden, MarieAnonymous
 Hotaling, AdaMary Lou Coughlin
 Hotaling, JohnMary Lou Coughlin
 Hovak, WilliamEdith Hovak
 Hoyt, JudyJoseph & Michael Kowalczyk
 Ilnicki, AlbinViolet Stoddard
 Ilnicki, AnnaViolet Stoddard
 Jablonski, Thomas J.Donna, Aaron, Ashton & Ava Jablonski
 Jacobs, Mr. Geo.Joan F. Bryant
 Jacobs, Mrs. Geo.Joan F. Bryant
 Januszewski, MillieBob & Theresa Pawlak
 Johnson, Mr. LelandMr. & Mrs. Robert Smith
 Johnson, Mrs. LelandMr. & Mrs. Robert Smith
 Jones, KrisAnonymous
 Keeling, Richard W.Marlene & John Sherdon
 Kilgore, Carol AnnApril Vogel
 Korona, EdwardLarry & Judy Dufel
 Korona, SophieLarry & Judy Dufel
 Kowalczyk, IrmaDavid & Rebecca Dopp
 Kowalczyk, IrmaPatrick & Kathleen Chestnut
 Kowalczyk, IrmaPat, Gary Weaver & family
 Kowalczyk, Mrs. IrmaJoseph & Michael Kowalczyk
 Kowalczyk, JuliaDavid & Rebecca Dopp
 Kowalczyk, JuliaPatrick & Kathleen Chestnut
 Kowalczyk, LeoDavid & Rebecca Dopp
 Kowalczyk, LeoPatrick & Kathleen Chestnut
 Kowalczyk, Mr. LeoJoseph & Michael Kowalczyk
 Kowalczyk, Mrs. LeoJoseph & Michael Kowalczyk
 Kozlowski FamilyFrank & Joan Kozlowski
 Kreisel, David E.Mrs. Beverly A. Kreisel
 Kreisel, E. GeorgeMrs. Beverly A. Kreisel
 Kretser, Mr. DaveJames & Joanne Kretser
 Kretser, Mrs. DaveJames & Joanne Kretser
 Kruger, Blanche H.Mr. & Mrs. Edward A. Kruger
 Kruger, Gilbert C.Mr. & Mrs. Edward A. Kruger
 Kruger, Harley P.Mr. & Mrs. Edward A. Kruger
 Lansburg, Peter V.David & Rebecca Dopp
 Lansburg, Peter V.Patrick & Kathleen Chestnut
 Lech, Mr. JosephLorraine N. Murphy
 Lech, Mrs. JosephLorraine N. Murphy
 Leonard, AmyEd & Rose Leonard
 Leonard, ArthurEd & Rose Leonard
 Lesniewski, Frank R.Jennie M. Lesniewski
 Lewandowski, ClarenceGay & Chad Lewandowski
 Lewandowski, ClemensGay & Chad Lewandowski
 Lewandowski, Robert S.Gay & Chad Lewandowski
 Lewandowski, StellaGay & Chad Lewandowski
 Loomis, CherylLori Meyers
 Mack, EdRichard & Ellie Mack
 Mack, VickyRichard & Ellie Mack
 Maldutis, AnnaMr. A. Palkovic
 Maldutis, PeterMr. A. Palkovic
 Marino, Marc A.Rich & Virginia Glamm
 Marshall, Rev. FrankEleanor Marshall
 Mead, MargaretSusan & Richard Alexander
 Meilunas FamilyRadik Family
 Miller, Mr. Kenneth C.Linda & Dona Miller
 Miller, Mrs. Kenneth C.Linda & Dona Miller
 Morck, Charles (Chick)Ann M. Morck
 Morck FamilyAnn M. Morck
 Morrow, John W.Dolores Morrow
 Mosher, Douglas H.Janice Mosher
 Mosher, Harvey D.Janice Mosher
 Mosher, Laura (Jim)Janice Mosher
 Motyl Sr., DominicEvangeline & Bernie Motyl
 Motyl Sr., AlfredEvangeline & Bernie Motyl
 Murphy, EmmaGay & Chad Lewandowski
 Murphy, MarionGay & Chad Lewandowski
 Murphy, ThomasGay & Chad Lewandowski
 Musoloff, GeorgeAnonymous
 Negri, GraceLarry & Kathy Bursese
 Nichols, EdwardJohn, Sally Hemstreet & family
 Nichols, MildredJohn, Sally Hemstreet & family
 O'Dell, ElnoraEd & Rose Leonard
 Opalka, AlfredBarbara Bilins
 Opalka, FrancesBarbara Bilins
 Palkovic, Mr. M.Mr. A. Palkovic
 Palkovic, Mrs. M.Mr. A. Palkovic
 Palmieri, ChristopherCarol Dybas
 Parker, DonTheresa & Bob Pawlak
 Parker, PatTheresa & Bob Pawlak
 Pawlak, JoanBob & Theresa Pawlak
 Pawlak, MartinBob & Theresa Pawlak
 Pawloski, HelenDorothy Richeson
 Pawloski, SteveDorothy Richeson
 Peddie FamilyRadik Family
 Petrosino, HelenMaria & Carm Greco
 Petrosino, LouisMaria & Carm Greco
 Pettorino, AnthonyJoe & Shirley Emanuele
 Pettorino, FeliciaJoe & Shirley Emanuele
 Phillips, MatthewJoan Gavrilcik
 Pingitore, JohnMarilyn Pingitore
 Podolec, LeoHelen
 Politano, DominickClaudia Politano
 Powers, Margaret O.Jennie M. Lesniewski
 Pry, PaulJean & Joe Pry
 Purtell, JosephPurtell, Theresa
 Ramonowski, ArthyrAnonymous
 Raven, JamesJoan Raven
 Reksc, AnnaRaymond & Shirley Reksc
 Reksc, JohnRaymond & Shirley Reksc
 Reska, Paul S. (FDNY)Joseph & Ann Wojcik Jr.
 Reska, Helen J. (FDNY)Joseph & Ann Wojcik Jr.
 Restivo, Elizabeth A.Alfred J. Restivo
 Richeson, KenDorothy Richeson
 Rigosu, StellaMary Lou & Jim Carney
 Rigosu, VincentMary Lou & Jim Carney
 Rocca, IdaJoseph A. & Barbara J. Rocca
 Rocca, JosephJoseph A. & Barbara J. Rocca
 Rocher, Mr. BenMr. A. Palkovic
 Rocher, Mrs. BenMr. A. Palkovic
 Rossi, Breta A.George P. Rossi & family
 Rygelski, Beverly J.John Rygelski
 Sagatis, FredaSue Kaupelis
 Sagatis, RaySue Kaupelis
 Schuyler, Clayton (Chip)William & Jane Bowler
 Semczuk, KassianRoman & Mary Semczuk
 Semczuk, OlgaRoman & Mary Semczuk
 Senese, RoseanneMaryann & Bud Dingman
 Siarniak, FrankGay & Chad Lewandowski
 Sikorski, FrankEdith Hovak
 Siligato, SaraCarl P. Siligato
 Smith, Debra LeeMr. & Mrs. Robert Smith
 Smith, Eleanor P.Carolyn Bovee
 Smith, Mr. LeonMr. & Mrs. Robert Smith
 Smith, Mrs. Leon Mr. & Mrs. Robert Smith
 Smith, Vincent O.Carolyn Bovee
 Spraker, Mr. Robert E.Kathy & Bob Spraker
 Spraker, Mrs. Robert E.Kathy & Bob Spraker
 St. Amour, FlorenceLori Johnson
 St. Amour, VirginiaLori Johnson
 Starace, Mary LouBob & Beth Wancewicz & family
 Steallatd, AnnCarol Dybas
 Strauss FamilyFrank & Joan Kozlowski
 Stuart, CrystalDavid & Rebecca Dopp
 Stuart, CrystalPatrick & Kathleen Chestnut
 Stuart, EdwardDavid & Rebecca Dopp
 Stuart, EdwardPatrick & Kathleen Chestnut
 Stuart, Mr. EdwardJoseph & Michael Kowalczyk
 Stuart, Mrs. EdwardJoseph & Michael Kowalczyk
 Stutzke Sr., KennethLinda Stutzke
 Stutzke III, KennethLinda Stutzke
 Stutzke, MildredLinda Stutzke
 Swietlicki, RobertLinda Swietlicki
 Syzek, RaymondBob & Beth Wancewicz & family
 Tanski Jr., John J.Elizabeth Tanski & family
 Tuyba, Mr. EmilMr. A. Palkovic
 Tyler, ArchieGay & Chad Lewandowski
 Tyler, ArchieRoger & Nancy Tyler
 Tyler, BevanGay & Chad Lewandowski
 Tyler, BevanRoger & Nancy Tyler
 Tyler, Gina JoyRoger & Nancy Tyler
 Tyler, Luvena A.Gay & Chad Lewandowski
 Tyler, LuvenaRoger & Nancy Tyler
 Tyler, Nancy A.Gay & Chad Lewandowski
 Tyler, PeterGay & Chad Lewandowski
 Van Wie, KenRichard & Ellie Mack
 Vdoviak, JohnMary & Gary Doviak
 Viscousi FamilyRadik Family
 Wancewicz, JeanBob & Beth Wancewicz & family
 Watrobski, Mary AnnMary Lou Coughlin
 Waufle, AlbertaRachel, William & Ethan Waufle
 Waufle, Bailey MarieRachel, William & Ethan Waufle
 Weakley, EdithAngelo & Shirley Ferlazzo
 Weakley, ErnestAngelo & Shirley Ferlazzo
 Wedrychowicz, MaryHarold & Josephine Bohlke
 Wedrychowicz Jr., Wm.Harold & Josephine Bohlke
 Wedrychowicz Sr., Wm.Harold & Josephine Bohlke
 Wendt, CoraMike & Mary Coco
 Wojcik Sr., JosephJoseph & Ann Wojcik Jr.
 Wojcik, SophieJoseph & Ann Wojcik Jr.
 Woller, LauraAnonymous
 Wood, BillMrs. Beverly A. Kreisel
 Wood, GraceMrs. Beverly A. Kreisel
 Wood, Vedder R.Mrs. Beverly A. Kreisel
 Woodward, GeorgeLori Meyers
 Woodward, KarenLori Meyers
 Woodward, ShirleyLori Meyers
 Yaggl, Mr. DavidPeter C. Betz
 Yaggl, Mrs. DavidPeter C. Betz
 Zanella Jr., CarlLarry & Kathleen Zanella
 Zanella, Jane OrreyLarry & Kathleen Zanella
 Zierak, William "Bill"Sylvia Zierak
 Zwolak, AlanJune, Janet & Diane
 Zwolak, MichaelJune, Janet & Diane
 Zwolak, TheresaJune, Janet & Diane

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