Recent Calls
Thu. Jan 25th 2018
At 2318 hours Perth units were dispatched to a one car MVA on Sacandaga Rd. Perth Chief 12-5-2 and Engine 12-1-1 arrived to find the vehicle had collided into a telephone pole. Gavac on scene to compl...
Thu. Jan 25th 2018
At 0347 hours Perth was requested to stand-by in our station while Hagaman Fire Department was out on a mutual aid structure fire on Truax Rd in Cranesville district. Units relieved from stand-by at 0...
Mon. Jan 22nd 2018
Dispatched at 2000 hours to State Highway 30 for a repair shop that had a vehicle on a lift that started on fire while repairing it. Perth Chiefs12-5-1, 12-5-2, 12-5-3, engine 12-1-1 and 12-1-2 arrive...
Thu. Jan 11th 2018
Dispatched at 0132 hours with Gavac for a 1 vehicle MVA roll over with 3 passengers trapped inside. Perth Chief 12-5-1 arrived to find the truck on its side with 1 passenger inside still, unable to cl...
Fri. Jan 5th 2018
Dispatched with Gavac for a 1 car MVA, vehicle in the ditch. Perth Chief 12-5-1 arrived on scene to find the vehicle off the road, no injuries reported, FCSO on scene. Per Deputy, units cleared and P...
Safety Videos


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  Keep Kids Away from Cooking Areas  -
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  What To Do If There Is A Fire  - 
  Fire Safety For Toddlers & Babies



  Grease/Deep Frier Dangers  - 
  Lighters   -
  Novelity Lighters  -



Smoke Alarm Tips  -                          
 Hidden Electrical Hazzards - Part 1  -                                 
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