Recent Calls
Thu. Jan 25th 2018
At 2318 hours Perth units were dispatched to a one car MVA on Sacandaga Rd. Perth Chief 12-5-2 and Engine 12-1-1 arrived to find the vehicle had collided into a telephone pole. Gavac on scene to compl...
Thu. Jan 25th 2018
At 0347 hours Perth was requested to stand-by in our station while Hagaman Fire Department was out on a mutual aid structure fire on Truax Rd in Cranesville district. Units relieved from stand-by at 0...
Mon. Jan 22nd 2018
Dispatched at 2000 hours to State Highway 30 for a repair shop that had a vehicle on a lift that started on fire while repairing it. Perth Chiefs12-5-1, 12-5-2, 12-5-3, engine 12-1-1 and 12-1-2 arrive...
Thu. Jan 11th 2018
Dispatched at 0132 hours with Gavac for a 1 vehicle MVA roll over with 3 passengers trapped inside. Perth Chief 12-5-1 arrived to find the truck on its side with 1 passenger inside still, unable to cl...
Fri. Jan 5th 2018
Dispatched with Gavac for a 1 car MVA, vehicle in the ditch. Perth Chief 12-5-1 arrived on scene to find the vehicle off the road, no injuries reported, FCSO on scene. Per Deputy, units cleared and P...
Cody P Watrobski
Years of Service
6.02 years
Additional Positions
Truck Steward


Cody graduated in 2018 from Galway HS and has been in the fire service his whole life tagging along with his dad Peter. Cody officially joined as an explorer in 2014 at the age of 14 and moved up to a fire fighter at the age of 16. During his last two years Cody has obtained much training including the Firefighter I and Firefighter II class, along with many seminars and I-300 class. For the past years Cody has also helped his dad with the group of MacBoston 18, a fallen fire fighters organization established in Saratoga County.

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