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Thu. Jan 25th 2018
At 2318 hours Perth units were dispatched to a one car MVA on Sacandaga Rd. Perth Chief 12-5-2 and Engine 12-1-1 arrived to find the vehicle had collided into a telephone pole. Gavac on scene to compl...
Thu. Jan 25th 2018
At 0347 hours Perth was requested to stand-by in our station while Hagaman Fire Department was out on a mutual aid structure fire on Truax Rd in Cranesville district. Units relieved from stand-by at 0...
Mon. Jan 22nd 2018
Dispatched at 2000 hours to State Highway 30 for a repair shop that had a vehicle on a lift that started on fire while repairing it. Perth Chiefs12-5-1, 12-5-2, 12-5-3, engine 12-1-1 and 12-1-2 arrive...
Thu. Jan 11th 2018
Dispatched at 0132 hours with Gavac for a 1 vehicle MVA roll over with 3 passengers trapped inside. Perth Chief 12-5-1 arrived to find the truck on its side with 1 passenger inside still, unable to cl...
Fri. Jan 5th 2018
Dispatched with Gavac for a 1 car MVA, vehicle in the ditch. Perth Chief 12-5-1 arrived on scene to find the vehicle off the road, no injuries reported, FCSO on scene. Per Deputy, units cleared and P...
Is your house number visible?
Thu. Feb 25th 2016

Across the country, Fire,EMS and Police emergency responses are delayed as they are unable to locate the correct address. When someone calls 911 for an emergency, emergency responders are dispatched to that address, for example "Perth fire respond to 1234 Main Street".  If you're you do not have numbers on both sides of your mailbox or house it makes it very difficult for responders to find that address.  Now consider it is a dark rainy night, and we can't find the correct address since we can't see any numbers. This can cause a delayed response to your home or bussiness which could change a small electrical into a room and contains fire or even worse.

In an effort to serve you better, we are requesting that residents and business owners cooperate in posting their street numbers on their homes and mailboxes.

A few suggested guidelines:

  • The numbers on residences should be at least 3 inches high and the numbers on businesses should be at least 4 inches high.
  • Numbers should be a contrasting color to the background.
  • Numbers should be placed on, above, or at the side of the main entrance, so that they can be easily detected from the street.
  • Remember - your mailman always comes the same way. Fire trucks, ambulances and police cars may come from any direction. Be sure to mark BOTH sides of your mailbox or mark your house number in such a way that it may be easily seen, no matter which direction they are approaching.
  • Reflective numbers are highly recommended.
    At the very least, any house number is better than none at all.

You never know when you may be the next one to call 911 for an emergency. Be sure your house number is posted AND VISIBLE FROM THE ROAD so you can be found as quickly as possible as every minute counts.

3 entries in the News

3 entries in the News

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